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Very well written and interesting newsletter! I think education could play an important twofold role in dealing with growing uncertainty: 1) helping us develop a better understanding of the problems that we are facing and thereby reducing the feeling of uncertainty that they can cause. 2) equipping us with the skills and knowledge to actually tackle those problems that are sources of uncertainty.

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The 2020s are definitely the era of uncertainty. As is clear from the economic policy and outlook graphs, things are more uncertain than ever. But, since we're in the midst of an uncertain era, we can't fully understand its ramifications - especially on an individual level.

The lack of control over one's circumstances takes a toll on mental health, sure, but I'm curious to know exactly how things will play out. Will people become complacent, or will everything blow up in our faces? Only time will tell

In terms of combatting uncertainty, on a personal level, it helps to educate oneself, talk about it (instead of bottling emotions), and take action, however small.

Another interesting and poignant read - thanks for sharing :)

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